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Colour me Eames...

Same colours. Herman Miller has announced five new colours and two new bases including the stacking/ganging base and the four legged base. The new colours are aqua sky, java, wafer, greystone and sparrow. It's great that these fantastic designs are more popular than ever and the colours are gorgeous but I still prefer the earlier fiberglass versions. The plastic versions are well just too plasticky and look a bit cheap for my liking, they just haven't got the "personality" of the fiberglass ones unfortunately.

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Bows and Sparrows

I have lusted after the Eames rocker for years. *swoon*


The plastic is supposed to be more environmentally friendly (environmentally friendlier?) and recyclable although I don't know why you would be recycling one of these babies. I have been meaning to buy one for months but the one stockist in my town is not open weekends and I'm at work during the day.


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