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A delicious Apple...

Well we received our iPad a week ago from Americaland and David and I are in love. It looks absolutely gorgeous, it's slightly heavier than we thought it would be and it works like a dream. Not that I have had much use of it because it has been welded to David's hands since it's unboxing! One fantastic App is Scrabble, the iPad becomes the Scrabble board and your lettered blocks are on your iPhone screen, when you want to place a word on the iPad/Scrabble board you flick them from your's like magic! They are available to pre-order here in the UK next Monday and the problem is is that we can't decide whether to buy a second one or not, well it would stop the squabbling...

We are off to London Town tomorrow to see Julie Andrews at the O2!!! David has loved her since he was a child and has never seen her in concert before so we thought why not. We will be indulging in cocktails beforehand so I hope we don't get too drunk and miss the show because that would be a shame...wouldn't it!??

Happy weekend all.

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Raina Cox

YAY! So glad you got your iPad!


Oooh it looks so beautiful... your blog looks uber stylish on it! Jealous :)

Laura @ EdenRose

I'm feeling sick with jealousy!! :(
How did you get it???


We ordered it on Ebay. We thought we had paid over the odds for it but now the prices have been released in the UK we didn't actually pay that much more!
They are available to pre-order in the UK and some other countries from today.


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