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A single exquisite experience...

We finally got around to watching first time director Tom Ford's A Single Man based on the Christopher Isherwood book last weekend and it was worth the wait. Everything about it was gorgeous from the sets to the cinematography, I was positively drooling. The house used was the Schaffer Residence (pics below) which was built in 1949 by the architect John Lautner and I've decided that in another life I will be living there because of course in that life the $1.5M price tag won't be a problem.

The ever gorgeous Julianne Moore as the over the top, camp, fucked up fag hag best friend of Colin Firth's character. Her screen time was limited but for me she just lit up the screen.

A haunting story about a tortured and broken man ( beautifully acted by Colin Firth ) over the period of one day with to die for interiors along the way, what more could you ask for. The soundtrack by Abel Korzeniowski is just incredible. I need to watch it again...and again...

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Raina Cox

I really need to see this movie.


Shame we don't live closer to each, me and an extra large popcorn.


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