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A new occasional feature about what has caught my obsessive beady eye. A check list of gorgeousness if you like of what keeps me awake at night because I simply must have them ( eventually ) and how they will look and where they will go in our apartment...

1. Photographic lamp base and shade ( I'm thinking for the loft....) Habitat
2. Manhattan screen print ( already bought one for David for Christmas, just need to get it framed! ) ORK
3. Orb 3 piece pestle and mortar JosephJoseph
4. Flap clock ( bought one recently and it looks awesome in the kitchen) Habitat
5. Krenit salad bowl and servers norman- copenhagen
6. Sarrinen side table ( this is in the realms of big time money and long time lusting! ) Knoll

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thats an ideal list of gorgeousness...


I'm planning on getting the clamp version of that lamp once the shelving is up in the spare room. And the Saarinen is confirmed for purchase once a couple of chairs have been upholstered - even OH agrees it's worth the price! Great list. xx

Jason in Cape Town

Hello there Griffo

Where is the Manhattan print from? It's great and is perfect for a spot in my room.

Thank you. See you on the Living etc forums.

PS. Love your blog.

Jason in Cape Town

d'oh - just seen the big fat link to Ork that you helpfully posted. Thanks.

Bumpkin on a Swing

Love the Manhatten print, love it, love it, love it!


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