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Ooops we did it again!

How do you make a happy and harmonious home? Buy a second iPad of course! It got the better of us on Monday morning when the iPad finally became available to pre-order in the UK. It was also partly due to David wanting one with built in 3G and more storage than the 16gb one we had already bought. So "his" one will be a hand me down to me and I will be able to use it in the kitchen. It will replace the touch screen PC we recently bought which was David's choice and I have moaned ever since that it was far too large! Happy days...

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Raina Cox

I told LB about your first iPad and he asked,"Is it a 3G?"

He knows what's important.

Concrete Jungle

You are tooooooo spoiled oh I want one too!

Meerkat Rules OK!

Make sure he gives you the 3G one Mark - he is far too spoiled!!


Mmm - your thing is definitely chairs, I think David's is technology...


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