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Big down under...

...I'm a lot excited right now...Jo and Kim of the daily must read and truly inspirational Desire to Inspire were asked to choose the blogs they were loving for the latest issue of the Australian interiors mag Inside Out....and little old Obsessilicious is one of them!!!! I may just start hyperventilating!

To say that I am shocked, thrilled and proud is an understatement, thank you so much Jo and Kim for taking the time to peruse my little obsessive world and including me in such great company.

Click on the second image below to see the other delicious blogness included in the list including my gorgeous friend Raina of If the lampshade fits.

I need to go and lie down...

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design traveller

Your blog is very inspiring :)

Raina Cox

You SO deserve any and all accolades, my Darling!





And you're on Tea For Joy's 'men's blog list' today....a good day, well done!

Jen of Made By Girl

Super.... :)))


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