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Cushion the blow...

...It was my birthday last week and lets just say that I am not amused with my age.

Anyway, I had some fantastic presents (my main one from David is still to arrive but I will let you know what that is in a week or so) including this gorgeous spiral cushion from my sister. I have been trying to decide on what colour combination to have for a while but she made my mind up for me with this two tone grey number. She makes all the felt by hand including the spiral. I think I may want another one, I just have to decide what colour to have...

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Raina Cox

Happy belated birthday, my Darling!!!

I hope the half-naked male dancers bearing (baring?) Eames chairs arrived.

P.S. Your sister is one talented lady!


I wish my sister was as talented as yours. It obviously runs in your family!! Looks great in the room.

Nick UK

That looks lovely on the sofa, almost worth being another year older for.

Elizabeth @rosalilium

Happy Birthday and wow, what a talented sister you have. The cushion is awesome, I want one! ;-)


happy birthday...

what a cool trendy living area...

jules @ The Diversion Project

so know what you mean about hte age thing. i'm flipping not amused with mine either! but belated b-day wishes.

your comment made me laugh and kind of snort at the same time.

cool pillow.


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