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I'm loving the tiled floor in the above pic.I came across this house built by the Danish-Icelandic architect Halldor Gunnløgsson on L'esprit Nouveau.

We have similar tiles in our kitchen which I love. As you may have already seen the rest of the open plan area including the lounge and dining area is laminate which I laid ten years ago next August. It was one of the first things we did along with getting rid of the artex ceilings and glitter wallpaper. The kitchen at the time was separated by a wall which we eventually knocked down and it was one of the best things we have done since moving in.

The laminate is tired and I've gradually grown to hate it with a passion, I often snarl and give it a dirty look as I walk past. It needs to be replaced but with what? The thought of doing anything regarding the flooring fills me with utter dread because of the amount of upheaval involved. The thought of moving the Saarinen Tulip dining table around is enough to give me nightmares!

So, do we carry the grey tiles all the way through which I think would look rather nice but would cost a small fortune (the tiles weren't cheap!) or go for something completely different like resin or concrete!? I would love to have polished concrete floors and even David is now quite taken by the idea but it would cause the most upheaval. The floors on the lounge and middle floor are constructed using concrete so weight isn't an issue...cost on the other hand would be...

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I like really long and light pine floors, like those from dinesen or in the finn juhl house. Dinesen is expensive, but as long as the planks aren't as wide it shouldn't be that expensive. Otherwise I thinka that there are a bunch of pretty cool monochrome laminates. Oh and check out some more pictures from halldor's home here:


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