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Ooops I did it again...

I think my chair obsession is getting out of hand! It's now an addiction! I suppose it could be least it's not crack cocaine! I saw this yellow beauty and my heart skipped a beat and the world went into slow motion! It took me a few days to decide but I just had to have it. My partner David is buying yet another laptop (his addiction is gadgets!) and we are calling them our "Summer presents" LOL! I think it may become an annual occassion but then again there are four seasons in a year of course........
The chair ( along with the grey rocker and recently purchased Eames coffee table ) was bought from the ever helpful ( and patient!!!) Justin at Pink Flamingos....his shop and ebay listings will be the ruin of me!
I am now counting the minutes till it arrives...

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congrats on your new beauty.


Well done! You have guaranteed yourself some sunshine this summer :-)

Eden Rose

OMG!!! I almost fainted when i opened your blog, that is a thing of wonder and beauty and i want one now, i'm soooo jealous it hurts!!


LOL Eden Rose!
I have been on the lookout for a naughyde upholstered version for ages and the colour is just perfect!
The seller does have one two others exactly the same and one of them is on Ebay at the moment if you wanted to buy one.
I'm thinking it would look rather nice on a rocker base......

Eden Rose

You are so naughty tempting me like that *opens new tap with ebay just for a little look of course* You are so absolutely right about a rocker base, would be amazing but i kind of really love that swivel base too, it's got that utility vintage chic thing going on which i love right now. as i said before you are so lucky.


As if I was trying to tempt you!!! LOL!
I really love the swivel base too, I bought another chair last year which is not as old as the yellow one (which is 1976) but the wheels are different.
You can see it here.....

I only paid £100 on good old Evilbay for it.


Gorgeous!! You lucky bitch!
Remember me...?! x x



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