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Happy happy sideboard day!...

...It's last!!! It was a vision of gorgeousness as the two delivery men carried it towards me.

The wood is much darker and the grain is far richer than the pics on the Evilbay listing which is good because sideboards from the 60's/70's can be a bit too orange for my liking. Overall it's in fantastic condition with only very small marks here and there. David loves it too which can only be a bonus because if he didn't he would make disparaging comments about it forever more like he does about the Nagel candle holders I bought.

I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat...

Have a great weekend all.

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Lovely lovely lovely

Raina Cox

As much as I love the sideboard, it's the Warhol piece above that has my attention.

Have a fab weekend, you two!

Jenn Ski

It's beautiful, I love the way you decorated it!


Gorgeous. So lucky that you have a mice long stretch of wall to put it against. Lovely.


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